Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Giorgia - Gocce di Memoria

One of my favorite Italian songs: Gocce di Memoria (Drops of Memory) by Giorgia.

Was rewatching La Finestra di Fronte (Facing Windows) tonight, a movie about two people passionate about each other didn't end up together. One line stuck with me:

Does everyone who leaves you, always leave part of themselves with you? Is this the secret of memory? If that's true, I feel safer, because I know I will never be alone.

Many people enter our lives, we may never see them or talk to them again, but memories about them may surface at an unexpected moment, triggered by the most inconspicuous things. Memories are the only things who can unite us with people who came into our lives and have left a mark. That said, when you have a choice, ask yourself whether memory is the only thing you should hold on to.

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