Monday, March 7, 2011

Travel 2.0 Meetup with Founders of

Admit it, sometimes we just want to escape. From the crying kids and unwashed dishes, from the demanding boss and office politics, from the craziness or routine of our lives. But we often find ourselves asking: So…where to? There are so many exotic places in the world, how can you pick one that fits your time, budget, and interest? It was pretty hard until Wanderfly came along. On, simply answer a few questions, and you’re in to discover a world of wonderful destinations that you may never heard of or thought about going before. In a few seconds, you also get an estimated cost of the trip. I love the clean and slick design, and have spent hours and hours just browsing all those fabulous places and let my imagination wander.

What’s the secret behind this amazing New York tech startup?

All of us know that travel is a huge market, but most of the money is made during transactions: air, hotel, package bookings. A travel inspiration site like Wanderfly comes very early in the decision making process, would it capture enough transactions or generate enough leads to be profitable?

Even though many of us love thinking and talking about travel, most Americans travel once or twice a year, if ever, especially to international destinations which seems to be Wanderfly’s focus. Would the volume big enough to attract advertisers and realize sizable revenue?

Everyone talk about how hard it is to find a technical cofounder at startups. The founders of CEO Evan Schneyer, Director of Marketing Christy Liu, and Director of Business Development Cezary Pietrzak were classmates at University of Pennsylvania. None of them are whiz coders, how did they first get their idea off ground, find the director of technology, sign up an amazing board of advisors and raise $1 million funding from investors including Charles River Ventures and Jason Calacanis?

And most importantly, what’s next for Wanderfly? What are they cooking up to make travel more social?

These are the questions I’m going to ask them during the Travel 2.0 Meetup’s Online Travel Startup Feature Disucssion on March 17th, 2011. The co-founders of Wanderfly will share their founding stories in an intimate and honest roundtable. What questions would you ask? Join us!

Time: 6:30pm, March 17th, 2011
Location: NYU-Poly Incubator, 160 Varick Street, 12th Floor, NYC

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